• me everyday: well that was stupid
  • When a boy likes me: What? No way he likes me! just look at me! Nah, he's lying for sure!
  • When a boy doesn't like me: What? No way he doesn't like me! Just look at me! Nah, he's lying for sure.
Anonymous asked: I want to be the person that gets to call you mine, listen to all your ramblings about the world or bands that you like and bring you vodka and ice cream when you feel like crying. I want to be able to pin you against a wall and kiss you like there's no tomorrow and feel like an eternity with you is never going to be long enough.

Well that makes me sad.

Anonymous asked: I really liked that picture of you in your glasses. I could almost hear you explicating Lolita in that photo ;-)

Awww, and I’ve deleted that… :D 

I’m constantly embarrassed. I fidget and twist my hair and pull weird faces and stutter. Some days I feel quite confident, then others there’s a microscopic flaw about myself physically, which will make me embarrassed to walk the streets.
— Graham Coxon (via theperksofbeing—inlove)


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